Episode: 110 | 14-02-2023

What you must do in 2023 to succeed in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Greg Savage, Business Growth Advisor

If you want to do well in recruitment, listening to Greg is a good idea. He knows his stuff.

His book, The Savage Truth, is one of my favourite recruitment books and a must-read for anybody involved in the industry. He also posts excellent content that helps us get better at our jobs.

In his recent post, he laid out the 12 Crucial Tips For Recruiters In 2023 – https://www.gregsavage.com.au/2023/01/09/12-crucial-recruiter-tactics-for-2023/

I then took this wisdom and reframed it for Talent Acquisition – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/12-crucial-talent-acquisition-tips-2023-paul-church

And then we had a chat about it! Some absolute gold in here if you work in an agency or TA.

Contact Greg here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregpsavage/

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