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Are you spending too much on recruitment fees?
We work with businesses to build strong strategies for all stages of talent acquisition and retention, saving you time and money. Whether you’re looking for a single hire or planning to expand your whole team, our partnership approach supports you through every stage of the recruitment process.

What is Embedded Talent

The bold, new and flexible approach to recruitment that partners with your business.

Our Unique Approach to Talent Acquisition


We review and overhaul your current talent strategies to make them fit for market, using our knowledge of people, process and tech to advise your ongoing efforts.


The attraction stage of our process is where we build a desire to work for your company. We’ll start by revamping your internal mobility opportunities, crafting an employee referral scheme and developing your online presence as an employer. We’ll cover everything from your careers page to external marketing to reach the best possible candidates for your company.


This is the part where we take jobs to market with compelling adverts. We’ll convert talent from across job boards, LinkedIn and our own network into the best possible candidates for your company.


We support your whole selection process, from screening candidates through initial interviews to reviewing your interview process to make sure it’s inclusive and consistent across the business.


Our partnership model means that we work with companies throughout the process of people joining and leaving the organisation. We do pre-employment checks and references, advise on induction, manage offers through to acceptance and onboarding. We also support you through offboarding to make sure your talent pipeline is as healthy as possible.


We’ll spend time getting to know your goals and internal culture in order to provide you with a comprehensive strategy.

Talent Insights

Our team can identify what makes people successful in your industry, then source the core skills and behaviours that your team needs.

Competitor Analysis

We investigate what makes other companies stand out and find ways for you to do better.

EVP Audit

We look at your organisation as an employer, including your current employee satisfaction levels, values etc.

Salary Benchmarking

We’ll ensure that your offers are in line with market standards and create an equitable structure for incoming talent.

Process Mapping

Before we move on to the attraction stage, we create a roadmap that shows us and your hiring managers how we’ll achieve your goals.

Workforce Planning

Our team can identify any weaker areas in your workforce and build them into your attraction strategy.

Job Descriptions

We’ll get to know the finer details of what you’re looking for from our talent.

TA Technology

We’ll fine-tune your applicant tracking systems (ATS) or put one in place as necessary.

Retention Strategy

your talent strategies should go beyond attraction and give your team long-term wellbeing and progression plans.

Employee Referral scheme

Great teams work well together, so encouraging your current employees to bring in people they can vouch for is a ticket to success.

Careers page

Our consultants will make sure your careers page showcases the best of what life is like at your company, and appeals to candidates’ long-term goals.

Social Media

We’ll use social media such as LinkedIn to reach candidates where they are.

DE&I Partners

We’re passionate about making the industry more equitable, so we’ll ensure that your shortlist is as diverse as the world around us.

Sourcing Events

As experienced talent acquisition partners, we use relevant events and networking opportunities to gain access to the best talent.

Employer Branding

We’ll advise on the best ways to present your company ethos and environment to make it appealing to potential hires.

Recruitment Marketing

We’re all about selling you and your company to the people who’ll become your best employees. Attracting the best talent means offering the best opportunities.

Create compelling Job Adverts

We turn your job descriptions into compelling job adverts that appeal to a diverse talent pool and create excitement for your positions.

Talent Pools

Our position as talent acquisition professionals gives us access to a wide range of candidates from a number of sources, which we use to fill positions quickly.


We’re accustomed to sourcing candidates through LinkedIn and know how to identify and contact the best talent.

Job Boards

We use job boards to find CVs from promising candidates, widening your talent pool further.

Supply Chain

We’ll set up a specialist supply chain to get the right people into your business.

The Animo Network

Our network of qualified candidates is on-hand to fill positions, as well as provide resources to your internal team.

Video Interview

We screen candidates with a 30 minute video interview to establish an effective shortlist.

Technical Testing

We enable technical testing that assesses candidates’ suitability for the position.

Interview Logistics

Our consultants are on hand throughout the process, helping you seamlessly navigate interview locations, panels etc.

Interview Support

We’re happy to sit in interviews and offer feedback to build your skills as hiring managers.

Interview Training

We offer coaching and guide question creation prior to interviews to ensure they are as productive as possible.

Inclusive process

We come alongside your hiring managers to make sure there’s no discrimination or unconscious bias occurring during interviews.

Employment Checks

We’ll run pre-employment checks and verify references, taking another process off your plate.

Keep in Touch

Once you’ve hired your next team member, we’ll keep in touch with you and the candidates to offer support as you get to know each other.


We’ll be on-hand to advise on the induction process, giving your new hires the best start at your company.

Offer Management

We support you and the candidates in reaching the best offer for both parties.

Monthly Check-ins

Once your process is complete we’ll keep checking in to make sure your new hire is meeting your expectations and assess any further talent acquisition needs.

Reporting & Data

After each step we’ll offer feedback on your performance and any issues reported by candidates.

Exit Interviews

We’ll take part in exit interviews and provide you with feedback about which areas of your internal culture or retention strategies aren’t working well.
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