We were thrilled to host Hung Lee on our latest podcast episode. For those of you who don’t know who Hung Lee is, he’s incredibly influential in the recruitment space, and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to pick his brains on a number of topics!

We’ve picked out some of our favourite moments – we hope you enjoy them!

So what does the world of talent acquisition look like to you in 2022?

“Yeah, it’s exciting space. I think all of us are very conscious of the fact that it’s such a fluid moment for the industry. I don’t think I can’t remember a time when it’s been more exciting, because you don’t know which direction it’s going to go. The only thing that we’re confident on is that it will not look anything like it was five years ago. That includes the jobs we’re doing. All of that then has a cascade effect on the type of work that recruiters will do. I think we’ve all turned into quasi futurists, as a result of this moment that we’re all in.”

What is the future of the old-fashioned recruiter?

“I think those two things will merge. I mean, previously, the embedded recruiter was essentially a way for suppliers to really establish trust with buying customers. Because customers, when you were just faxing CVs or whatever it was, it was very distant.

You weren’t sure how much work this agency was doing for you. You weren’t sure whether this agency was actually representing other companies, competitors, etc. The embedded model was basically there to establish trust.

Now, I think that COVID accelerates that situation. But, it also changes the difference between an agency supplier and an embedded recruiter, because what is the difference these days, if all of us are distributed, in any case, an embedded recruiter is very much a metaphorical term.

I think what will happen is a lot more agencies will move into the space, I’d be very surprised if agencies don’t offer it as a default service to customers. The bottom line is customers will end up getting much greater variety, and much more choice and hopefully, you know, that competition will improve the service level that they get.”

But for more in house talent acquisition teams, and talent acquisition as a whole, what significant trends in 2022 are you seeing?

“I think one of the big critical issues is basically the lack of recruiters. The inability to recruit recruiters is actually changing how recruiting is done. So, in other words, companies are confronting the reality that they’re simply not going to, they’re going to be understaffed, which means that they have to automate more, it means that they have to really re-examine the way in which they’re processing candidates.

They need to double down on process efficiency, because you’ve got less hands on deck doing more work. I think maybe in a six-month period, there was some effort to try and recruit more recruiters.

I wouldn’t say we’ve given up on doing that. But it’s still very clear to companies that they’re approaching it thing with a view, we may actually not be able to increase our capacity in our existing recruiting team. Therefore, we need to increase our efficiency. So, lots of interesting things are happening in terms of process and in terms of automation in the internal recruiter space for sure.”

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